En Route Publications is an award-winning company that has been a leading printed map producer for the tourism industry in Australia since its inception in 1994. It currently has a portfolio of 13 hotel clients in Sydney and Melbourne for which we produce personalised hotel maps.

Since 2013, we also started to produce printed Chinese versions of these Sydney and Melbourne maps which have been very well received.

This success has led to the expansion of the business to establish a more global map portfolio of 16 international city maps in 12 countries and the decision to create a website where these copyrighted maps can be accessed for reference by the general public and can consequently aid  travellers in accessing some of the most detailed city maps currently available free-of-charge on the internet for these cities.

These maps are currently viewable in both English and Chinese and can be accessed via the drop-down menus below by selecting the language and then the required city. Other languages may follow in the future.

Every effort has been made to make the maps as up-to-date as possible but please feel free to email us via the contact feedback page if we have overlooked anything important in any of the city maps or any of the labelling is incorrect. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and the maps will be updated accordingly.

Links have been added on each city map page to selected tourism websites in order to help visitors research more tourist information regarding each individual city.

If any organisation would like to utilise any of the city maps digitally or would like printed maps produced for them, please contact us to discuss costings in more detail.

If any international organisation would like to have these maps available in their own language on the website (at that organisation’s expense for translation of the highlighted fields in the Chinese map examples), please contact us to discuss this in more detail.